DEME wins Hercules Trophy Antwerp


DEME wins Hercules Trophy Antwerp. It was under a cloudy sky and tropic temperatures that we organized the very first Antwerp edition of the Hercules Trophy, together with the City of Antwerp, Chamber of Commerce Antwerp and Port of Antwerp Giants. The beautiful industrial Loods in Park Spoor Noord hosted the Hercules Village, while the 12 Herculean labours were organized in the so called”rice fields” in the Park.

100 business teams participated, sweat together, worked together, laughed together and partied together. The participants had the support of their families and management, who did what they could to give their teams extra points. The labours required a combination of teamwork, tactical skills, strength, brains and speed and were accessible for both sporty and non-sporty people.

Who won the competition?

DEME wins Hercules Trophy Antwerp. It was Deme, coincidence or not: also Employer of the Year 2015. The team The Prodigies earned 199 points in total.
This was 6 points more than number 2, Finnovatjes from Solvay Business School and 8 points more than Gunvor Petroleum’s Bende van Mil.
The winning teams received their award from the Mayor of Antwerp Bart De Wever.

Other awards

FAIR PLAY AWARD, handed out by Ludo Van Campenhout (Alderman Sports at the City of Antwerp): Orfit is The New Orange .

WINNER CEO PETANQUE, given by Chamber of Commerce Antwerp’s CEO Luc Luwel to Xtra Interim’s CEO Steven Ghesquière.

COOLEST TEAM PICTURE, awarded by Port of Antwerp Giants’ Chairman Roger Roels: Infrax’ Vettige Wally and the Wacko’s.

SMARTEST TEAM, awarded by Alderman Ludo Van Campenhout: Tobania‘s Payment Wizzards.

BEST TEAM PICTURE, handed out by Herculean Co-founder Inge Van Belle: Flow Pilots’ The Pan App Ma Files . Their picture is the profile picture on the Herculean Belgium Facebook page for an entire week.

Congratulations to the winners! However, to us, every single participating team felt like a winner, because they felt the Herculean vibe and went home with lifetime stories to tell. They came as a company. They left as a team.

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