Flair Games Hunk Roeselare: Giovanni Kemper


Flair Games Hunk Roeselare: Giovanni Kemper. What a pleasure to announce our last Flair Games Hunk Giovanni Kemper. He will be the coach of the Coolest team at the games in Roeselare.

Giovanni Kemper was originally born as Giovanni Marradi. He was born October 1991 in Leiden, The Netherlands. Early on it was pretty clear Giovanni loved dancing. At the age of 8, he started an education at the Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts, where he graduated after 13 years o6391-a33c761c571fd9e2405e39d0ae880abbf intense dancing lessons.

Giovanni played his first big musical when he was only 5 years old. He played the part of ‘little Tam’ in the musical ‘Miss Saigon’. He immediately knew he was made for the spotlights, especially musical grabbed his attention. After his debut in ‘Miss Saigon’, he played parts in the musicals Oliver, Peter Pan and The Lion King. He even got the award for ‘up and coming talent’ due to his part in The Lion King.

You might recognize Giovanni from the TV dance show: ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Finals. Coming from a background in jazz, Giovanni is a real technical dancer. But he impressed the judges with a lot more than just his technique. According to the judges, Giovanni is an all-rounder and a great partner for the women to dance with.

Giovanni is also Eurosong finalist Laura Tesoro ‘s boyfiend. Laura finished 10th at this year’s competition held in Stockholm, Sweden. Giovanni and Laura got to know each other on stage during the musical ‘Fabulous Sneakerboyz’, a production of Roy Julen.


Giovanni is extremely popular with children. He has a soft character and knows how to entertain them. He always makes time for his fans . Giovanni became the fifth member of the famous KetnetBand.

But children aren’t the only group Giovanni is popular with. A lot of women also adore Giovanni. We have a strong feeling his looks and gentle approach have something to do with it. Giovanni is really spontaneous and will keep the spirit in your team high.Fun guaranteed. Ladies, don’t hesitate and get the voting on your team going!