Aftermath Hercules Trophy Antwerp


Aftermath Hercules Trophy Antwerp. The inaugural Hercules Trophy in Antwerp started with a blast. All teams were welcomed at the entrance by a very enthusiastic crew and received their light breakfast shortly afterwards. Fitness instructor Kelly  (who has been with Hercules Trophy for +10 years now) gave a smashing Warming-Up exercise with the Hercules Dance. Can you imagine going crazy with your colleagues on a Saturday morning at 9 am? With everyone being more than ready, the labours started. A quick glance  at the pictures just says enough.

Tobania’s whopping 15 teams felt right at home in Park Spoor Noord. The ambitious IT player in the Benelux region is a true pioneer. Both in terms of business management as in terms of participating in the Hercules Trophies. Over the years, they’ve participated in more countries than any other company and so this year, they just had to be part of the very first edition of the Hercules Trophy in Antwerp. Their team Barb Wire “the sharpest tool in the shed” came in fourth, and missed the stage by an inch –just three points stood in their way of being third. Still, scoring 189 points is a more than honorable result nonetheless.

Gemeentelijk Havenbedrijf Antwerpen (Port of Antwerp), was represented by five teams in their celebratory tenth consecutive participation. There’s no doubt that the company and its employees know everything concerning a healthy dose of fun and exercise! Their best scoring team, De Toffe P’s, has positioned itself neatly in the top ten. For those who’re curious, you’ll find more information on the rankings here and here.

Antwerp’s Alderman Sports Ludo Van Campenhout and its mayor Bart De Wever were very satisfied with the event as well. Mr. Van Campenhout even  claimed that Park Spoor Noord was built precisely for the Hercules Trophy and granted, there’s some truth in what he said. When asked by Erika Van Tielen whether or not the Hercules Trophy would be welcome next year too, he answered: “you’re not just allowed to come back, you have to come back!”

The Herculean MC’s asked Mayor De Wever why he wanted an edition of the Hercules Trophy in Antwerp. His response: “Editions in New York, Dubai, Poland, and then Mechelen… something felt odd to me, as Flanders most beautiful wasn’t in the list”. Mayor De Wever was impressed by the perfectly organized and fantastic event. Being quite the sportsman himself, he’s the one to know.

Antwerp-Waasland Chamber of Commerce (Voka) CEO Luc Luwel was very pleased with the Antwerp edition. Voka Antwerp definitely is a true believer of the Herculean concept and they value corporate wellbeing highly.

Park Spoor Noord was a perfect location for the Hercules Trophy. With all labours being placed in a row, easily accessible and perfectly measured, it was a sight to behold. We’d like to thank Sporting A as well for their cooperation. Though only three years old, Sporting A has been a more than reliable partner and we’re looking forward to our next collaboration. Their motto “keep exercising and cheering on”, fits neatly in the Herculean lifestyle. See you next year, Antwerp. Bigger and better.