Good morning with DJ Bastin


Good morning with DJ Bastin. The party starts early in Mechelen. That’s why we also have a morning DJ from 8.30 till 9.30: DJ Bastin!

Soufiane Bastin, better known as DJ Bastin was born and raised in Antwerp. He grew up listening to his father’s vinyl collection of 80’s Sinth-infused beats and electronic funk. Music was Bastin’s first big love. He started mixing his own preferences, Hip-Hop and video game music, with the vinyl of his father. This gave him a quite a unique playlist.

He ended up with quite a mixed spectrum of musical influences. Dennis Ferrer and Gregor Salto are only 2 of the DJ’s that influenced Bastin in his music selection. These influences and Soufiane’s own raw talent resulted in making the music he loves best: beats, baselines, deep vibes and a latin-house twist. Quite a lot broader than the commercial house tunes everybody plays these days.


DJ Bastin grew up playing in big-town music scene Antwerp. Although he loves playing in local nightclubs and is the resident of the famous nanno concept in Antwerp, nowadays he plays in every big club in the country. But, Bastin’s ambition reaches far beyond just mixing the best house tracks together. He wants to express himself in his music and is trying to do this by starting a career as a producer. This way he can let his creative side take over, producing tracks and tunes with or for fellow artists. With a couple of tracks eager to release, he signed a career-changing contract with Blue Flame.


Bastin is on the one-to-watch list of a lot of producers and colleague DJ’s as well. If he fulfills his full potential, he will become an icon in the EDM music scene. With his work mentality and eagerness to learn, we are sure he will get there. We are excited to have him showing of his mixing skills.

You can listen to his sets here.