Flair Games Lier: overview & winners


Flair Games Lier: overview & winners. 28th May seemed like the perfect day for Flair Games Lier. It was a lovely sun filled day, with temperatures just below 25 degrees Celsius and the atmosphere was just as great as the weather.  400 ladies in colourful outfits were more than ready to give their all –and apparently quite thirsty for Sipsnsoda’s refreshing cocktails.

Their motto: dress to kill, even in sportswear. Saying that all teams were looking sharp, is an understatement. Some wore matching outfits, some had their outfits made especially for this edition of the Flair Games and others yet again opted for complemental costumes. One team really stood out from the rest: the “Tutubellen”, were dressed in colorful tutus, which got them the Best Dressed Team award.

Flair Games Lier: overview & winners. The teams had the opportunity to develop their talent as true style gurus at the C&A Make Over Talent battle. Originality was key here and while some teams like Team Michelle Steylaerts went for “Coachella Chic”, others went for colour blocking or other contemporary trendy fashion styles.

“Teambuilding for girls” might sound a bit soft for some guys, but it certainly got a new dimension with the Flair Games. “GirlPower at its best” is probably the best phrase to sum it up. The winners of the competition: The Blondes & The Brunette won the F(l)air Play prize, due to their extreme congeniality and fair play of course. The Woo Girls proved to be the smartest team during the brain labour and the Best Team Picture was awarded to the Fresh Prince$$e$ of Ball Air. The Noenes were the coolest team in Lier and their 1159 votes got them the hunk of the week, Anthony Kumpen!

It’s been a very exciting day, up until the end. The third and second placed teams scored an ex aequo of 101 points, but De Rode Duifkes came in third and Grow Some Volleyballs got their rightfully second place. The overall winner, Team Del Sol, won by the bare minimum, scoring 102 points in total –what a performance!

See you next year, Lier!

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