You’re invited: discover how your Core Talents determine your leadership style


You’re invited: discover how your Core Talents determine your leadership style. As children, we have all planted seeds in soil and watch them grow into plants, carefully watering them and giving them just enough light. We observed how some seeds would grow into beautiful lush plants, others would shoot up high while some stayed merely little stubs.

What does this have to do with CoreTalents®?

Your Core Talents are like the seed, they reflect your natural aptitude, your original potential, your innate strengths and weaknesses. Then you need to plant them in the right environment,  nurture them with motivation and watch them grow into a beautiful plant.

Why is it important to know your CoreTalents®?

For individuals, it is a life-changer. If you use your strong core talents, you naturally get more energy and self-development in return. On top, the time and energy you invest in the development and deployment of your strong core talents will always get you better results than focusing on the lesser ones. This includes personal evolution and professional formations and training.

What is the connection between CoreTalents® and my leadership style?

The combination of your strong Core Talents will indicate your personal optimal leadership style, which will get you the best results and feel most comfortable to you.

I’m positively intrigued, how can I find out more?

Master Coach Serge Haubourdin

Join us on June 9th at 6:45 pm for a free discovery session with Master Coach and Managing Director of Hercules Academy, Serge Haubourdin.
A few lucky attendants will receive a complementary CoreTalents® assessment and coaching session with Serge.

Where: Belcham – 1177 Avenue of the Americas 7th Floor, New York. Click here to register.

Serge is a Psychologist, Master in PsychoEnergetics, renowned executive and life coach and licensed Core Talents® analyst. He has a track record in the top sport world, first as successful international tennis player and later as coach of the Belgian and Flemish Tennis Federation and coach for the Belgian delegation at the Sydney Olympics in 2000. Serge holds a law degree from the University of Antwerp and a MBA from Solvay Business School.