Awards at Hercules Trophy

Awards at Hercules Trophy


Awards at Hercules Trophy. Hercules Trophy is a corporate challenge for all fitness levels. We aim to organize a friendly competition with fun twist in it.

To us, every participant is a Herculean and is a winner by default. Once you’ve been through the Hercules experience, you feel proud, happy, connected and balanced, even though your muscles might hurt. You will cherish the memories for the rest of your life.

We don’t do fancy and expensive prizes, because that would jeopardize the friendliness and fair play. And teams who could never ever make it to the Top 10 will be surprised about what they can win.

Here’s an overview of the different awards you can win at the Hercules Trophy.

  • Number 1, 2 and 3 of the competition (what else?)
  • The Coolest Team: the most popular team online, that has received the most votes from their fans.
  • The Smartest Team: all teams have to perform a brain labour in the morning. The team with the best answers and the shortest time to resolve them wins.
  • Award for Best Team Picture: teams can upload a team picture of their team members. Amazing how creative some people are. The most breath-taking picture is elected by the Hercules jury and wins an award.
  • Fair Play team: we promote sportsmanship. Throughout the Hercules day, some teams are more fair play than others and this doesn’t pass unnoticed by the Hercules crew. The Hercules staff quotes the most fair play at every labour and the teams with the most nominations wins the award.
  • CEO pétanque winner: What would a team be without their leader? Senior managers play the famous tournament of pétanque (jeu de boules) in the afternoon and defends the honour of the participating teams of their company. Battle of the Titans and only 1 team wins.
  • Award for Best Dressed Team: Who doesn’t like to stand out in the crowd? Over the years, we’ve seen the most amazing outfits. Some teams just can’t get enough of it.

Being a Herculean is certainly not about being the fittest nor the strongest. It’s always a team effort where diversity, different skills and communication are key. Just join the competition and you will feel how it will change your teamwork.