19th June: Securitas secures its victory


19th June: Securitas secures its victory. Securitas has proven to be a front runner in terms of teamwork. Their T-OPS Team came in as the overall winner of Sunday 19th June. UNIVEG Belgium’s Veni, Vidi, Veggie became a close second and Harmony Group’s Harmony Group completes the stage as the third best scoring team.

19th June: Securitas secures its victory. Winners per their category:

  • Coolest team: Sopra Banking Software’s The Sopranos
  • Fairplay: AS Adventure’s The Won Team
  • Smartest team: Hubo België NV’s HUBO GLADIATORS
  • Best Picture: Mountain7’s Team 1 Mountain7
  • Winner CEO Pétanque: Realdolmen
  • Fastest Telenet Business O2Run time: AS Adventure’s Team 7 AS Adventure (in just two minutes flat)
  • Fastest rafting time: Isabel Group’s IsaBest in just 3 minutes and 36 seconds
  • Best crew: rafting crew (again!)

Congratulations to all participants. You’re all Herculean now.

Are you looking for the total ranking of all participating teams? Find it here.Click “rankings and teams” and select “Belgium: Hercules Trophy Mechelen (19 Jun 2016)”. If you’re interested in the score overview per labour of an individual team, all you need to do is click on the team in the list.

All photo booth selfies are online and you can find them here (part 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5). More pictures on our Facebook page.

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