Inspire creativity and boost productivity through massage


Inspire creativity and boost productivity through massage. In a recent article on Forbes, Raquel Baldelomar explains that massages are by no means the luxury items many people hold them for. Booking a thirty minute massage –or even a full spa day- isn’t spoiling yourself, Mrs. Baldelomar states. On the contrary, it is a necessity among many great business leaders. A lot of business people have changed their attitude towards massages, based on numerous studies that indicate its positive effects on stress reduction for instance. Following that logic, it’s no surprise that entrepreneurs now see massages as a means (albeit very pleasant) to an end: performing at their maximum level of productivity; rather than just an enjoyable way of winding down. Baldelomar enumerates five reasons to justify her statement.

Inspire creativity and boost productivity through massage. 

  1. Massages inspire creativity

Massages are typically practiced in quiet and calm environments: the opposite of the modern day office. On top of that, the whole point of getting a massage is coming to rechair massagest and thus catching a break from that fast-paced way of living, which helps you to think outside of the box and that usually generates valuable ideas.

When you’re stuck looking for a solution to a problem you’ve been focusing on for far too long, it definitely helps you getting an idea of the bigger picture and all different angles and sides to the problem.

  1. A massage helps reduce pain & boosts your immune system

Both research and patients indicate that massages are an effective way of reducing pain, muscle tension and stress. Next to that, a number of studies are saying that massages can help those who’re suffering from a wide array of disorders like headaches and digestive disorders and even anxiety disorders.

While athletes order massages to cure their sports injuries, office men and women book massages mainly to relieve their (lower) back aches, a common negative side effect of sitting down too long.

The improvements massages make on the blood circulation, result in a higher number of white blood cells, which actively benefits the human immune system. Saying that a massage prevents you from getting the flu, is obviously too big a statement, but it’s proven to help nonetheless.

  1. It’s an excellent productivity booster

Numerous studies have shown that massages boost your productivity –even short ones. As getting the maximum out of the workforce is one of the main internal goals of most companies, corporate massages are getting more and more popular. Over 10% of all American companies offered massages last year and another 3% stated that they too will offer them this year, in a Survey by the Society for Human Resource Management.

  1. Massages improve your sleep

Getting a massage on a regular basis, improves your sleep cycle. You’ll spend more time in deep sleep, which ensures a good night’s rest. So on top of feeling relaxed after receiving a massage, you’ll feel well rested too the day after.clock

On top of that, getting a massage before you go to sleep (even a couple hours beforehand), actively prevents you from tossing and turning before you’re finally able to fall asleep, as the relaxation perfectly prepares you for going to bed.

  1. It reduces stress symptoms

It’s not just patients who claim thisshutterstock_300382400, it’s backed by Science. Getting regular massages
reduces the level of cortisol (the stress hormone), which has been linked to high blood pressure, obesity and suppressed immune system function. Even short 15 minute corporate chair massages on a weekly basis can actively help lowering the level of cortisol in your blood, so you should definitely at least consider seeing massages as a part of your weekly schedule.

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