Herculean Faces: find your pictures!


Herculean Faces: find your pictures! Finally, the long wait is over: all Hercules Trophy pictures are online! We’ve been busy developing a new platform, made especially for finding and viewing pictures. It’s called Herculean Faces and to access it, all you need to do is surf to

You’ll find all pictures there, from all editions in every Hercules Trophy country. It does more than just displaying pictures however! The facial recognition technology behind it, finds your pictures for you. All you need to do is upload a profile picture on your Herculean account (should you not have done that already) and log in on Herculean Faces. Once you’re logged in, the site will show all suggested pictures for you to confirm. That way, you’ll find your pictures in no time, as opposed to being obligated to browse the thousands of pictures that’re online.

Don’t have a Herculean account, or curious to others’ pictures as well? No problem! You can access all pictures via Trophies, even when you’re not logged in. Everything’s made available for you, so go ahead and find yourself, your friends and colleagues on Herculean Faces!

Herculean Faces: find your pictures!