Back to the Baltics


Back to the Baltics. In Lithuania, team building is no hollow phrase. The second edition of the Vilnius Hercules Trophy took place on 18th June, simultaneously with the Hercules Trophy Belgium. Companies like Coca-Cola, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics and Devbridge Group sent teams to reinforce their mutual bonds. The combination of the 12 Herculean labours, the beautiful venue and lovely weather proved to be ideal to give the genuine Herculean vibe. The European Golf Club Center in Vilnius turned out to be far more than just a golf course and an ideal setting as a Hercules Trophy venue.

After a thorough warm up in the morning sun, the participants had to battle their way through a survival course, work together as a team –throughout the day in general, but during the ‘team cube’ in particular-, use their wisdom in the brain labour, show their agility during the Segway race and so on. The Survival Raft was probably their favorite labour, as teams clearly went all out in proving their survival skills. Looking at the pictures on the Hercules Trophy Baltics page, the players had the time of their life. The participants’ general reactions confirm that, with statements ranging from “an amazing experience” to compliments on the professionalism of the organization.

In the end, Inreal’s UNREAL took home the first prize (for real), Diginets Diginet Riteriai became a close second and NRD’s N-eleisk R-utinaj D-Ominuoti ended up in third place and is the smartest team in Lithuania.

It’s been a thrilling competition all day, as the difference between each team in the top three is just two points! Eglės Sanatorija received the Best Picture award, while Saugos Tarnyba ARGUS won the Coolest Team Award. Ergolain became the CEO pétanque champion. Thank you for being a part of the second edition. We will be back next year!