Breaking: Herculean days 23-24-25 June 2017!


Breaking: Herculean days 23-24-25 June 2017! We’ve got big news in store! This year’s Hercules Trophies in Belgium were a huge success, both in Antwerp and in Mechelen. In 2017, Hercules Trophy is getting even bigger and better. A new  overall concept, called Herculean Days, has been launched.

What is it?

Breaking: Herculean days 23-24-25 June 2017! It’s the largest corporate festival on the planet including teambuilding, corporate wellbeing and sports. Herculean Days take place on 23, 24 and 25 June 2017 at De Nekker, Mechelen.

Herculean Days offer a combination of a personnel event, family day, an incentive, a teambuilding, a company BBQ and a networking event. All in one day with hundreds of participating companies at incredible rates.

How to please everyone?

When companies organise a Family Day for their co-workers, they face a difficult challenge. They need to cater for a very diverse group: young employees who want to do something active, families with young children, parents with teenagers and middle aged employees. All of these groups have divergent and seemingly incompatible wishes and needs. It seems almost impossible to satisfy everyone.

But not for Herculean. Based on the famous Hercules Trophy, we’re continuing to build on the existing Herculean vibe to take it to the next level. On the menu: cool challenges for children, multiple cool bars, unique entertainment, workshops and delicious food.Visitors come to Herculean Days and follow their own program à la carte, ranging from activity or nature walks, mindfulness workshops, film, energy boosters, yoga, cooking workshop, massage, self-defense, Hercules Kids, Mini-Kids, swimming, etc. The Herculean Days are for anyone, regardless of age, interests or capacities.

In short, it’s an amazing corporate event, with no hassle for you. The Herculean days, taking place at De Nekker Mechelen on 23, 24 and 25 June 2017, have got everything in store for a spectacular event, whether you’re a Hercules Trophy participant, a business leader, a visitor or a child. No need to participate at the Hercules Trophy to be a part of it.

Select your package

Breaking: Herculean days 23-24-25 June 2017! How’s that? The Herculean days concept consists of three different packages.

1.“Teambuilding”: participating in the actual Hercules Trophy . 1 day, 12 awesome challenges, teams of 5 to 7 people, tons of fun. No athletic skills required.

2. “Festival”: a terrific day for visitors, families and VIP’s. Wellbeing sessions focused on health, food, energy and wellbeing organized by the Hercules Academy. The specific program will be announced at a later stage. Numerous food corners and bars scattered over the venue. At the end of the day, everyone’s free to join the after-party!

3.“Company Areas”: a tailor-made solution for your corporate event –whether you’re a small, medium or large enterprise. Customized catering in a private zone or public zones, a reserved company table, hospitality at your service, exclusive parking and cloakroom services,… in combination with the existing festival or Hercules Trophy programs. The benefits of a big event with artists, performances and entertainment, but tailored for you. Your guests are welcome to experience the Herculean atmosphere during the day (and night), but that’s entirely up to you –or them.

There’s a Herculean in all of us

Imagine thousands of active business people, bonding, having fun, networking and partying in a beautiful setting. We’ve been organizing the Hercules Trophy since 1999 and know how to entertain people. Now more than ever, we’ve created a program that enables literally everyone to enjoy the Herculean spirit. Start your summer 2017 with Herculean days and offer your employees a totally new experience.

Bookings are open now. Early bird bookings are available until 15 August.