The most Herculean intern ever: Thomas!


The most Herculean intern ever: Thomas! Being the youngest Herculean, Thomas’ career is (yet) somewhat nonexistent. He’s a business management graduate from UCLL with a wide array of interests, ranging from economics to philosophy and from music to motion pictures. Don’t be fooled by his age though, for Thomas’ isn’t your typical 22 year old and would rather entertain a lively two hour discussion on politics for instance, than to spend the evening going out. That said, he does prefer listening over being the centerfold of attention and is rather careful with his words and phrasing, as he sees the tremendous power that lies in communication. That’s probably inherent to his Personality Type (Type 5).

It was one of his closest school friends that got him to start his internship at Herculean and while his friend left the company when his internship ended, Thomas eagerly chose to stay for at least a little while longer with his newly acquired friends at the Herculean headquarters. He’s a versatile young man, who rarely says no to a given task and who loves to work in the open and stimulating environment that is Herculean.

When it comes down to travelling, Thomas’ll always pick quiet, desolated destinations over busier ones, as he’s very fond of both nature and relaxing. His inner calm is what gets him through even the busiest of days, though he can be very passionate as well. To him, there’s no better way to wind down after a long day, than by enjoying a delicious meal –preferably Asian or European- and a strong beer, or a glass of whiskey (neat).

The most Herculean intern ever: Thomas! Though most of his former classmates are now enjoying their holidays, Thomas is still happily working. According to him, there are three reasons for his atypical interpretation of what is called the ‘summer holidays’. First and foremost, it’s the Herculean spirit that binds him to the company. Next to that, the colleagues are a major plus and as an added bonus, he finds it terrific to be able to contribute to such great events.

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