What your favorite toys from your childhood reveal about your core talents


What your favorite toys from your childhood reveal about your core talents. Were you always the first to climb trees or do things you were not supposed to? What if I told you that this is a sign you like risk-taking and would probably make a good entrepreneur? Did you like to play teacher? This is an indication that you like to share information with others, whether this predestines you to be a teacher or coach or author depends on the combinations of other core talents. Did you devour youth literature? This shows you have wide interests and find it hard to make choices, it also tells you something about your learning style: you have great theoretical learning capabilities for general knowledge.

girl reading with teddy bear

The activities and toys that you loved most as a child reveal your your original potential, your innate strengths and weaknesses, in short: your core talents. What if you could use the knowledge of your strong core talents to find your ideal job? Imagine you could lead a more fulfilled life by focusing on your strong talents and spend more time working “in the flow”, leaving you with more energy at the end of the day.

The CoreTalents® assessment lets you find out what your strong core talents are. The questions take you back to your childhood (4-12 years). Your favorite toys and the games you played as a child are strong indications for your small, half and strong Core Talents. For 25 years, this method was used for selection and recruitment of engineers and scientists where they used more than 10,000 CoreTalents® Analysis with in-depth selection interviews. The in-depth study found that child’s play demonstrates your deeper, natural ability. This led to the determination of 23 Core Talents. They are grouped in clusters such as Strategy, Competitiveness, Structure and Organization, etc.


“Why is it different than any other test?”, you might think. Well, this test, unlike the psychology tests based upon Carl Jung’s theory (such as Myers-Briggs, Big Five, Insights, etc ) is a lifetime guide that will not change during your life voyage. On top, it is very reliable as it is based on facts from your youth, rather than your own perceptions and therefore not affected by your mood, surroundings, outside events. Finally, the amount of detail in the individual Core Talents, the multitude of information points that can be derived from their combinations make the test stand out versus other tests that usually work with average scores and put people more in certain boxes versus seeing them as unique individuals.

Why is it important to know your CoreTalents®? For individuals, it is a life-changer. If you use your strong core talents, you naturally get more energy and self-development in return. On top, the time and energy you invest in the development and deployment of your strong core talents will always get you better results than focusing on the lesser ones. This includes personal evolution and professional formations and training.

For companies, it is key to have people focus in a positive way on their CoreTalents® to get them to perform at their best and increase employee engagement. On top, the combination of certain talents, reveals important information such as: how high people could be promoted (Peter’s principle), what type of leadership is natural for them, how they best learn new skills, emotional intelligence, sales capabilities. Knowing the core talents of your employees also lets you form highly productive and adaptive teams who are satisfied and display better communication and team dynamics. The CoreTalents® method can be easily integrated in your existing HR policies and tools. There are various applications such as recruitment, coaching, education & training, teamwork, absenteeism, wellbeing, stress and burnout prevention, career & succession planning, high potential selection, retention, personal development.

Where can I get a CoreTalents® test for me and my team or organization? CoreTalents® is an essential part of the Hercules Academy Corporate wellbeing program¹. Our coaches are trained CoreTalents® Analysts and serve on the board of the CoreTalents® organization

So do you feel low energy at the end of the day? Are you not fulfilled in your current job? Do you have a hard time finishing certain tasks? It could be you are not enough focused on your strong talents. Don’t wait till your retirement to do what you always wanted, life is too short and precious. Take action now!

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¹ Hercules Academy offers holistic corporate well-being services across Europe, the Middles East and North America. Since its foundation, Hercules Academy helped many companies with their corporate wellbeing programs and increased employee engagement, productivity and happiness in a significant way in these organizations. Our Academy customers include major companies such as ABN AMRO, Atlas Copco, BASF, Microsoft, Grünenthal, Weight Watchers,  and others.