The headache of organizing a Family Day


The headache of organizing a Family Day. Are you familiar with the organization of the yearly Family Day? Does the thought alone already cause stress? You’re not the only one!

Setting up a well-organized company or family day typically takes tons of time and energy indeed. Neither of which is a commodity you’ve got too much of. The process is more than just time and energy consuming though, for a large scale self-organized company day is quite pricey too and thus requires a large part of your budget.

Still, like John Wayne eloquently stated, “a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do”. So you go ahead and start planning your company day. At first, you’re trying to decide on a fitting theme. Not an easy task finding one that suits that young mom, middle aged office worker, senior business leader as well as that super active intern who spends all his free time in the gym –and that’s an extremely short list of personas working in your company. They’re all entitled to their opinions too, so you’ve got ample feedback –to put it nicely. Not to mention the constant remarks you’re getting from your finance department, concerning the budget you’re about to spend.

Once you’ve finally found an appropriate theme, you’re thinking: “I’m almost there.” As it turns out, you couldn’t have been more wrong, as there’s still more hassle coming your way. Picking a caterer and menu, finding the right activities for everyone to enjoy, choosing the right music, finding a proper venue,… It’s all easier said than done.

By now you’ve lost countless hours, but as the end of the planning process is coming nearer, you keep going on. You’ve just about arranged everything and so you start inviting the employees. It turns out Jenny from IT isn’t all too pleased with the menu, as she can’t eat gluten. Bob from Marketing informs you that he won’t be there,because he can’t find a babysitter; Mariah from Accounting is already making excuses and would really just prefer to stay at home and Peter from R&D hasn’t read any of the communication you sent him and thus shows up to the event completely misinformed and, consequently, disappointed.

Despite all the good work you’ve put into it, employee attendance is not as great as expected -even if it wasn’t bad either. But instead of the compliments you deserve, you’re getting all sorts of complaints you could’ve never prevented.

Let’s take a weight off your mind.

We feel your pain, we feel the headache of organizing a Family Day. You do not have to go through all that hassle to entertain your employees because a new concept was created. It’s called the Herculean Days.

The Herculean Days are specifically designed to cater to all your needs –meaning to cater to everyone’s needs. It has the Hercules Trophy, which your active business people will absolutely love.

For those who are not into games or sports:

  • Foodies can eat their hearts out at the numerous food & drink trucks;
  • Party animals can give their all during the day and night thanks to live entertainment and Tomorrowland DJ’s;
  • Parents are strongly encouraged to bring their children for whom we’ll organize the Hercules Kids (both for small and big children);
  • Managers and directors are more than welcome to network in the Ambassador’s Club that also has top catering services;
  • Health fanatics will love the Hercules Academy sessions on mindfulness, yoga, healthy living workshops, energy bootcamp and nature walks.

This is by the way by no means an exhaustive list, as a lot of activities will be added in the coming months. We’ll even notify your employees for you and keep them up to speed, so that you don’t have to waste any of your precious time. And the good thing is: there is a Herculean in all of us. You just need to discover it.

The bottom line is that the Herculean Days are exactly what all your employees need and want, no matter what their personal preferences are. You won’t lose your time and energy, as we’re organizing it from A to Z.

Our 17 years of experience guarantee maximum efficiency, which translates directly to unbeatable prices. There you have it: a low-cost, worry free and perfect solution for your Company or Family Day.

The first Herculean Days will be organized on 23, 24 & 25 June 2017. Contact us on to find out more.

Herculean days

Can’t make it on 23,24 or 25 but still want your own family or company day? Contact us for a personalised offer you can’t refuse.