UAE: 5 reasons to partner with Hercules Trophy

UAE: 5 reasons to partner with Hercules Trophy

Key elements

  • Camaraderie through sport and entertainment.
  • A day of revolutionary networking and team building.
  • Building a strong employer brand.
  • Attractive festival atmosphere open to all ages and cultures.
  • No athletics skills required.

How will sponsoring Hercules Trophy promote my business?

  1. Inform

Traditional forms of advertising can be misconstrued, but with sponsorships you can align your strategy with a specific target audience.  By connecting, you will be able to educate and inspire. Hercules Trophy has a reach of 200,000 business professionals from UAE companies, it is the perfect place to engage with your audience and forge new business relationships.

  1. Align perceptions with positive behaviours 

When sponsoring an event, your company will seem generous, dependable and successful. With all of these factors a client is far more inclined to give you a chance.  Connecting your brand to the Hercules Trophy brand will increase your chance to reach your target corporate audience.

  1. Top of mind awareness 

Sponsorships are a great way to build brand awareness and generate exposure. You will meet peers in a very informal atmosphere. Networking in shorts. No obligations, only opportunities. Sponsor a memorable event like Hercules Trophy, add your logo and you’re on your way to guaranteed success.

  1. Network 

Not only will you reach those in attendance at the Hercules Trophy, you will also have access to a wide variety of online communication channels and networks. The combination of offline and online marketing with exposure at the event itself makes Hercules Trophy unique.

  1. Spread the word 

You will stand out from the crowd by putting a spotlight on your company. Birds of a feather flock together so what better way to get people with similar interests together than by sponsoring the Hercules Trophy?

Convinced of these 5 reasons to partner with Hercules Trophy?  The team at Hercules Trophy are happy to chat with you about best sponsorship practice for your business. Get in touch HERE .