Personality Type 4: The Individualist


Personality Type 4: The Individualist. You want to be gifted, intuitive, original and unique.type4

Personality Type 4: The Individualist. More importantly, you want to be passionate, true to your feelings and uniquely authentic. You see yourself as sensitive, expressive and spiritual. You would like others to see you as idealistic, emotionally deep and compassionate. Your idealized image is that you are accomplished and special.

Motivated by the need to understand and to be understood, you desire experiences that are rich with feeling and meaning. You may find it easier to deal with painful emotions than to deal with the tedium of daily routine. You feel your emotions deeply and are not afraid to go emotionally where others fear to tread.

You have the temperament of an artist and long to freely express yourself.Nostalgic by nature, you often focus on past experiences. This can lead you to deeper insights or to downward spirals of melancholy and/or painful unresolved feelings. When you step out of the river of your emotions, you can bring forth your many talents into the world and express them in a way that is extraordinary and original.

You need be seen as artistic, gifted and accomplished. You focus on your individuality and on carving your own distinct image. You avoid feeling lost, disorientated and without personal significance, meaning or direction.

Your Mantra

Don’t dwell on the past, and remember to enjoy the pleasure that can be found in each moment. When you have gratitude and the courage to move through your fear of rejection and share your talents, others will honor your original and creative contributions.

Source: The Ennagram Institute.

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