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Share and Connect with ADM


Share and Connect with ADM. Yesterday, I had the pleasure to attend the ADM kick-off event to celebrate a new work year. ADM (founded in 1998 as “Antwerp Digital Mainport”), is a business network that has undergone quite a bit of a transformation since it was founded. The network originally started as an ICT network after an inspiring entrepreneurial mission to the US. The move from merely ICT towards also business and now a very broad business network is remarkable, as it reflects what is happening in today’s fast moving world.

The beautiful new logo and tagline of ADM were revealed yesterday evening in the iconic Antwerp City hall. The logo (round, no sharp ends and connecting the 3 letters) is a perfect reflection of the tagline: “Share and Connect“.

Being an ADM member/supporter for many years, I can only be happy with this (r)evolution. The New Economy is all about getting in touch and sharing what you know and that’s also the message that we want to spread with Herculean. The homework question we had to ask ourselves was: “Did I meet somebody interesting today?” and “Did I learn something today?”. My personal answers were pretty obvious: of course I did! Where should I start?”.

The calendar for this year with different tracks and a lot of interesting speakers isingrid
definitely interesting for anybody who wants to learn and share personal knowledge with like minded people. Ingrid Hoffman and her team, together with power PR woman Marina De Moerlooze did a great job and I wish them all the best with the new ADM!

Are you interested to Share and Connect with ADM? Apply here. Just have a look at their website to see who the other members are.

Front image by David Van Daele .