Success starts with being healthy


Success starts with being healthy. In an illuminating article on Inc, John Rampton explains how being healthy has an impact on your success.

Unfortunately, simply eating a ton of greens and exercising for three hours a day won’t skyrocket your career. It’s not as simple as that. However, there is a clear connection between those two. Eating hamburgers for lunch for instance, undermines your performance during the entire afternoon.Without going into the clinical digestion details, it comes down to your body having to work overtime to process fatty meals, which leaves you feeling bloated and tired. Given that you’re feeling sluggish, it’s no surprise that you’re not on the top of your A-game.

On the contrary, the foods below will get you through the day feeling sharp. Success starts with being healthy!:

  1. Kale, blueberries and green tea jack up your brain and help you get creative (talking about food for thought)!
  2. Oily fish and nuts have proven to be excellent memory boosters.
  3. Whole grain bread, brown rice and quinoa provide a steady stream of energy during the day.quinoa

Regular exercise is another easy to implement way to improve your productivity. Staying in good shape, certainly has its positive effects in the office too. You’ll be able to work longer hours without feeling run down and you’ll be able to do more with your time.

These tips will get you started, without losing your valuable time:

  1. Take the stairs. Pretty easy right? Plus, you’ll never get stuck in an elevator
  2. Ride your bike for your shorter commutes, or walk. You’d rather burn calories than gas, right?
  3. Do what you love. Somewhere between golf and French boxing there must be a sport activity that you’ll actually love doing.

Finally, there’s one last factor in the equation that can be detrimental to your productivity –and therefor your success. Getting the right amount of sleep, really sparks up your energy during the day. Unfortunately, close to one in four Europeans have sleep disorders.

On average, we need about 8 hours of sleep, but the amount of sleep you need can vary strongly from that. The US based National Sleep Foundation suggests between six and ten hours of sleep per night, for an individual aged between 26 and 64 years old. So how do you find your perfect sleeping cycle?

Here are three tips that’ll help you get started, but it’s always wise to ask a professional:

  1. Avoid coffee, energy drinks, alcohol and nicotine. They will seriously mess with your rhythm, so be wary of them.
  2. Establish a routine. Read a book, take a bath, listen to soothing music,… the choice is entirely yours, but avoid stress at all costs.
  3. Don’t eat right before you go to bed. The digestive process will disrupt your sleep and it will give you a very uncomfortable feeling the morning after. If you really can’t shake this habit, try eating dairy products that are easy on the digestive system.sleep.png

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