Visitor activities @Herculean Days


Visitor activities @Herculean Days. For the first time in our history, we will organize the Herculean Days in 2017. It will be on 23, 24 and 25 June at De Nekker in Mechelen.

Now, what’s so spectacular about that?

Visitor activities @Herculean Days. Herculean Days is a corporate event, based on the Hercules Trophy challenge, where every single attendee has the opportunity to feel herculean. Not just the participants at the Hercules Trophy, or the CxO’s at the VIP pétanque tournament nor just the children at the Hercules Kids. But every visitor who will join on the day itself, whatever his/her background or abilities!

How does it work? 

Company zones

As always, your company can register teams at the Hercules Trophy. You can now also order a separate reserved company zone that is exclusive for your company. These company zones can be smaller of bigger, or near or far from the Hercules party zone, depending on what you want to achieve.

Visitor Vouchers

On top of that, you can purchase vouchers for your visitors for them to enjoy tailor-made activities. Your visitors can now also explore, learn, relax or be active at their own pace. The vouchers can be purchased in advance or at the event, which means that you only pay for what your employees want and use. No waste of money. This makes a Family Day or Personnel Party much more interesting!

At this moment, our operations team is working on the details and will announce the entire list soon. For now, we can already announce the following activities:

  • Yoga workshop
  • Children yoga workshop
  • Fit@ your desk training
  • Sleep Baby Sleep: workshop for a better sleep
  • Energy Nature Walk with nature guide

Whether you’re bringing your teenagers, colleagues that are about to retire or young, active co-workers, there’s something for everyone. Because we believe that there’s a Herculean in all of us.

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