Are you too busy to workout? Me too.


Are you too busy to workout? Me too. “I can’t find the time to work out.” “By the time I finished my job at work and at home, it’s dark”. Does this problem sound familiar?

Are you too busy to workout? Me too. Let us help you. We have figured out three practical and simple tips that make working out easier than ever.

  1. Store your sports equipment at eye level.

Retailers have been using this trick for ages and it works like a charm. So why not implement this one at home? You’ll find yourself working out more than you used to, simply because seeing your sports equipment will make you consider working out. Plus, you’ll no longer have to be searching for it!

  1. Exercise when your kids do.exercise-children

Have you ever been to a public pool on a Saturday morning? Tons of moms and dads looking for a changing-room to get their children ready for their swimming lessons. To be fair: getting them ready certainly is exercise too, but why stop there? Too many of us give our children a quick kiss and off we go, to the cafeteria. Instead of spending money on drinks and taking in extra calories you don’t need, why not save your money and burn calories?

There are changing-rooms for you too and there definitely is a route nearby you’ll be able to explore while running. Simply run or walk for an hour and then pick up your kids. You had your work out and so did your kids: everybody happy!

  1. Sleep in your sportswear.

Are you having trouble waking up and even more when you have to work out? Getting out of bed and putting on a cold running outfit, is no joke –especially during winter. If you like working out in the morning, but can’t stand the cold: just sleep in your sportswear. It’s as simple as that!

Those who usually feel exceptionally cold, can sleep in their thermal underwear. You’ll no longer complain about the cold when you wake up, but instead you’ll get out of bed fit as a fiddle and totally ready to start your work out.

Good luck!

The Functional Training Network team