7DAYS are true Herculeans


7DAYS are true Herculeans. Leading UAE media organisation, 7DAYS, started their collaboration with Hercules Trophy in 2014 and have been coming back ever since. The client brief included a great networking opportunity, creating brand awareness, improving team moral and all this without having to be too sporty!

Hercules didn’t disappoint and Michelle QuinnAdvertising Sales Manager at 7DAYS Newspaper, had the following to say:
“I have attended the Daman Hercules Trophy for the last 2 years. What an event! Absolutely brilliant from start to finish.  Breaks were well timed and the food provided was all good and healthy. The events themselves are fantastic and always cater for all fitness levels.  My favorite by far was the burpee challenge. Please bring that back! Huge favorite with the 7DAYS crew! All in all, a great day out and a great concept for team building.”

7DAYS are true Herculeans. 7DAYS is a highly successful multimedia organization that has been around for 13 years. They thrive in gathering, creating and distributing unique high-quality content to the UAE’s multicultural expatriate and local population.  Their multimedia capabilities include print, online, social media, video, content marketing and events.

The 7DAYS newsbrand is firmly established as a favourite daily staple in the lives of the UAE consumers and we hope to collaborate with them again going forward.