Next investment round for Herculean


Next investment round for Herculean. Are you an entrepreneur or a smart investor with a proven track record?
Are you looking for a solid investment opportunity with exciting international growth plans in the sportainment and corporate wellbeing business?
Do you want to share your experience, open your network and learn from others?

After a summer of intense preparations, The Board of Directors, Board of Advice and Management team of Herculean have decided to take the next step in the amazing Herculean history. We have started the next investment round in order to finance further international growth with smart capital.

Over the past 5 years, several investors joined the Herculean cooperative entity. Some of them were early believers when it was just a dream and some of them believed in the team when the business was still in investment mode. Today we are looking for people who believe in our sustainable growth plan, based on a profitable business.

Next investment round for Herculean. Herculean is a Belgian holding company with regional offices in the Middle East, the United States of America and Europe. Herculean’s success is a result of a scalable concept, driven by a cloud platform and the unique Herculean beliefs. People with different backgrounds and expertise work together across borders to create stunning experiences with happy customers and great shareholder value as a result.

What is so specific about the Herculean business:

  1. Proven concept
  2. Diversified portfolio
  3. Scalability
  4. Content driven
  5. Experienced international team

Does this story resonate with you? Let’s talk! More information about the investment opportunity here.