Connect your brand with a Herculean Labour


Connect your brand with a Herculean Labour. Are you looking for an effective manner to reach your target audience? If so, connecting your brand to the Hercules Trophy experience is the way to go!

Its unique combination of networking, sports and revolutionary teambuilding offers you the perfect framework to get your message in the hearts and minds of thousands of business people.

Getting your message across can be a very challenging and expensive task. It’s an evergoing one too, which makes it all the more difficult to stand out from your competitors. A strong brand is every marketer’s dream and luckily, there still are opportunities out there to achieve that. Rebranding one of the Hercules Trophy labours, is a perfect example. Participants will certainly remember the Stihl Highland Games, the Verelst Bobsleigh or the Telenet Skyjump!

Connect your brand with a Herculean Labour. Our experience- and content marketing approach, in which both the online and offline aspect are equally important to us, gives you exactly the opportunity you’re looking for to create engaging conversations with your target group, whether it’s made up of consumers, business people, B2B execs or basically anyone else.

With sponsor- and partnerships ranging from Coca-ColaStihl, ABN AMRO, Tobania, to Buroform,… it’s safe to say that your company too can benefit from working together on giving your brand the experience it deserves.

Some key figures on our extensive reach:

  1. Over 10.000 people participate or visit the Belgian Hercules Trophies in Mechelen and Antwerp.
  2. 3.000.000 visitors on our social platforms.
  3. More than 2.000 different companies have participated over the years.

In short, we offer you fantastic networking opportunities, a guaranteed Return on Investment and excellent B2B visibility in an environment where your audience is actually listening to what you’re saying. Seems great right? It is! Ask Made in for instance, the Flemish B2B entrepreneur’s platform, one of our biggest fans & our partner for the past two years now.

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