You decide: IN or OUT?


You decide: IN or OUT? Ok, we’ve announced the first 2 Herculean Labours for Belgium 2017 some time ago. We’re working hard on getting the next challenges organized. But we need your help.

There’s a new challenge that we would like to have. But our team has had long discussions on whether the Herculean fans will love it or not. That’s why we decided to ask the fans.

The activity is called Foot Darts, When Football meets Darts. As you might suspect, you’ll have to play darts with… your feet.

This video tells us how to play it: [youtube]

Just answer this simple question by YES or NO before 20th October. Based on your input, we will announce the next challenge end of October.

Footdarts at the Hercules Trophy?

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You decide: IN or OUT? We’re very curious to see what you think!