Third Herculean labour announced!


Third Herculean labour announced! If you’re tired of ordinary cycling, we’ve got some very good news for you. After having announced our first two labours exactly one month ago, we’re pleased to announce that ElliptiGO is our next official Herculean labour for the Hercules Trophy at the Herculean Days 2017 in De Nekker, Mechelen. If that doesn’t ring a bell, try imagining running on a bike.

Finding your balance, just might be a tad bit difficult, but hey, you’re all Herculeans right? With a little practice, you could even join the Tour de France peloton with ease if you were to be riding the ElliptiGO. There’s no need to fear that this will be just another cycling competition however, because we’ll definitely add a fun twist to it (and well, the ElliptiGO isn’t quite what you’d call an ordinary bike either)!


Add your brand to ElliptiGo!

Trying to find a balance between your brand awareness & brand engagement and your rather tight marketing budget? We’d gladly rebrand the ElliptiGO labour with your name, resulting in tons of Business-to-Business exposure for you and the ability to really connect with your audience.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.