Foolproof recipe for fun family days

Foolproof recipe for fun family days


Foolproof recipe for fun family days. More and more companies are asking for a fun family day for their staff. Corporates clearly value the contribution their staff have made all year round and want to reward them by giving them a fun day to enjoy with their families.

Commonly, companies have tried sports days but that rules out the non-sporty members of staff and only lets the athletes shine. Families just spectate. Part of what the management wants, is to see their staff bonding and enjoying spending time with colleagues and getting to know each other better. This will ultimately improve working relations and productivity.

Staff on the other hand, also want to enjoy the weekend with their families, so very often they too are included in the mix. This only makes it even more difficult to find the right activity for everyone.

Foolproof recipe for fun family days. That’s where Hercules Projects comes in. We believe in the power of gamification and we’re specialized in organizing tailor made and fun teambuilding days. Working closely together with each client to ensure that the values and aspirations of the company are met, results in that they come as a company and leave as a team! Equally important to us, is that truly everyone can enjoy the event.

This does not happen by accident however, as we create a fantastic and informal atmosphere at your events (we call it the Herculean vibe), where staff has to challenge each other in fun, crazy activities. No one feels stupid and everyone will enjoy the experience. Different challenges bring out the best in everyone. Employees work as teams and the day is arranged in such a way that they meet each other in several challenges, so that by the end of the day everyone has met everyone.

Add a sumptuous meal and prize giving where everyone is a winner and you have a foolproof recipe for success. Have a look at what we did for ENOC, or contact us for more information.