Looking for a public speaker at your New Year’s event?


Looking for a public speaker at your New Year’s event? It can be a bit of a challenge to find an interesting and charismatic speaker at your New Year’s reception or customer event.

So why not try it from a different angle? Yves, our CEO and Founder is a gifted public speaker who will inspire your audience to change their corporate life by using their own personal Mantra.

Yves’ Mantra is simple and straightforward. Everyone can reach happiness and success as long as they focus on 4 things: Dream. Team. Focus. Network. Yves takes you on an inspirational journey through his personal entrepreneurial story where he focused on his Mantra. He will advise you how to stick to it at all times.

Yves Vekemans’ success as a speaker and unique understanding of vision traces back to first steps as an intrapreneur in several industries. In 1999, Yves was elected CIO of the Year by Belgian ICT magazine DataNews. He received the award at the age of 27, which made Yves the youngest CIO of the Year until now.

Yves now feels the need to share his experiences and to teach corporate people on how to maximize their potential, just like he has learnt from the best. That’s also why Yves became a mentor at the Founders’ Institute and a guest lecturer at the University of Real Madrid, Spain.

Yves’ special blend of warmth, humor and experience helps audiences identify their unchallenged roadblocks to success. He is passionately committed to helping businesses explore new levels of vision and performance by developing their own Mantra. He encourages his audiences to focus, free the thought process and rediscover their untapped potential to become leaders. His extensive experience allows him to tackle a broad range of topics, ranging from complex, strategic challenges, to technology questions, entrepreneurship, internationalization and fan management.

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