Ceci n’est pas un Obstacle Run


Ceci n’est pas un Obstacle Run. Spartans, Vikings,… the world counts many mud and impossible obstacles loving people. And that’s great! Seriously, it’s so much better to be active and do something crazy yourself, together with friends, family or even colleagues, instead of watching sports with a big bag of crisps and a coke.

Ceci n’est pas un Obstacle Run. At times, there is some confusion however on the Hercules Trophy being some sort of an obstacle run. Our Herculean fans all over the world are already aware of the fact that it’s certainly not comparable to that, but let’s elaborate on the differences between the two nonetheless.

  1. The Hercules Trophy is a team competition in which the efforts of all 5 to 7 team members combined matter, whereas most obstacle runs can be adequately described as “every man for himself”.
  2. Seeing as how it’s a teambuilding event, it’s only logical that the Hercules Trophy is all about achieving goals, pushing boundaries and having fun together. Obstacle races on the other hand are specifically designed for hardcore sports enthusiasts and focus on extreme endurance.
  3.  For the more experienced athletes amongst us, that might be just as fun, but we’re less convinced. That’s why every year, the labours of the Hercules Trophy are a mix of challenges that focus on strength, guts, technique and just a bit on endurance. This way, we’re able to guarantee that truly everyone in the office can participate.
  4. 12 short and hilarious labours, also ensure you of never getting bored and being an added value for your team. Every 15 minutes, you’re giving your all in entirely different challenges, from driving bugxters to playing archery tag. Different obstacle races will have different obstacles, but the principle remains the same.
  5. You don’t need to shape up to participate in the Hercules Trophy. There’s no need to work out in the weeks prior to the event whatsoever (though you are free to do so). If you’re going to compete in an obstacle run however, you’ll need to be in your best shape.
  6. While obstacle runs are designed for consumers, our internationally praised teambuilding event is strictly B2B. Thousands of business professionals having a blast, creates superb networking opportunities.
  7. Obstacle races are about completing the race, but the Hercules Trophy is far more than just the competition. Lovely food for instance, is just as important. Live entertainment during the day and a grand after party in the evening, are key aspects of the event as well.

In short, there are tons of differences between obstacle runs and the Hercules Trophy. That’s a good thing too, for the first were designed to challenge sporty individuals, while the latter is a genuine teambuilding event that’s great for everyone.