Live Crowdfunding with MyMicroInvest


Live Crowdfunding with MyMicroInvest. Yesterday, I was invited to an energizing live crowdfunding event “Magic 5”, powered by MyMicroInvest, in the beautiful city of Ghent.

Did you know that:

At yesterday’s event, 5 start-ups got 5 minutes each to convince 500 investors to crowdfund 5 mil EUR. All projects were connected with one or more of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. The UN goals are a universal call to action for people, planet, prosperity and peace, reachable by 2030 through a public-private investment partnership of $ 4trillion per year.


It’s comforting for me to read this, especially because Herculean is actually focusing on some of these goals -of which Good Health & Wellbeing is the most obvious one.

A panel of top notch people was present to give feedback about the projects:

  • Alexander De Croo: Belgium’s Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Development Cooperation, Minister in charge of Digital Technologies
  • Marga Hoek: Founder of Business for Good and internationally acclaimed thought leader on sustainable business and capital.
  • Philippe Haspeslagh: Honorary Dean of Belgium’s Vlecrick Business School, Member of Inventures II Investment Committee
  • Omar Mohout: former entrepreneur, tech author, advisor to high-growth start-ups and Professor Entrepreneurship at Antwerp Management School
  • Pieterjan Bouten: co-founder and CEO of Showpad
  • José Zurstrassen: MyMicroInvest Executive Chairman, founder of Skynet and Keytrade Bank
  • Gilles van der Meerschen: Executive at MyMicroInvest, serial business angel

The projects that participated were:

  • Zen Car: Belgium’s electric care sharing leader, boasting a visionary zero-emmission and zero-noise approach to electric mobility solutions in Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp and beyond.
  • Santech: Paris-based software development company allowing health-care  providers and other clients to efficiently implement e-health solutions.
  • Aproplan: a collaborative, tablet-enabled construction management app for contractors and architects to keep track of their plans, blue-prints and projects.
  • Social Stock Exchange: a radical new kind of capital market for socially conscious business owners and investors seeking positive impact and financial returns.
  • Inventures II: the world’s first venture-capital fund investing in impact businesses that are tackling social issues through 5 UN SDG’s.

In case you want to relive the event, you can watch the live stream here.