Boost Your Energy


Boost Your Energy. It’s hard to recharge our batteries during the dark winter months. While most people don’t have to fear from Seasonal Affective Disorder, many do feel sad during winter. A lack of daylight has been scientifically proven to be detrimental to our energy levels. To make things worse, feeling low on energy easily turns your smile upside down. So how can boostyourenergyyou prevent this seasonal mood swing? Exercising in the open air helps and even just sitting in front of a window can contribute to a better state of mind during winter.

You’d rather not leave your overall happiness to chance? We hear you. In fact, our “Boost Your Energy” workshop will have you feeling energized in a jiffy, ready to tackle every season of the year. It’s an original addition to a kick-off or an internal off-site.

The exact realization of the program is entirely up to you and you’re free to choose how many and which sessions you’d like from the list below. Ranging from a three hour during workshop, to an entire day, the “Build Your Energy” workshop was specifically designed to fit your exact corporate needs.

  • Sleep Baby Sleep workshop
  • Energy walk (nature or urban)
  • Slow energy building workshop
  • Introduction to mindfulness
  • Chair massage: back and neck
  • Introduction to destress yoga
  • Mindful eating seminar
  • Healthy Cooking workshop

In short, whether you and your colleagues are feeling tired, run-down or low, this workshop has all the building blocks to get you back on top again. Looking for more information and prizes? Contact us on