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Herculean Partner: Peter Pastijn!


Herculean Partner: Peter Pastijn! Peter Pastijn is a founding partner, co-owner, and co-concept designer of the THE CYCLING ROOM® and THE ROOM® concepts together with his wife Gizem, currently operating in the UAE and India. He is the founder and co-owner of a Fitness service provider company, Proud2b, in Belgium founded in 2007. He is the CEO of THE ROOM venues in Abu Dhabi as well as management consultant and partner in India.

Peter is a Power Specialist Master Instructor for the Spinning program and a former professional squash player (n° 64 in the world) and 9 year member of the Belgian National Squash team, with a lifelong passion for health and fitness. He was National Coach of the Belgian men’s squash team for several years and also an avid marathon runner and Ironman triathlete.

Herculean Partner: Peter Pastijn! He holds a Masters degree in Applied Linguistics from Erasmus Hogeschool Brussels. He has an experience of 23 years in fitness industry as trainer, lecturer, speaker, manager and more recently fitness operator.

In 2016, THE ROOM and Herculean started a partnership to expand Hercules Academy to the region. Peter is a certified coach for Hercules Academy in the UAE and has worked as a trainer/coach in several Hercules projects in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.