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A Herculean Giving Tuesday: be the first


A Herculean Giving Tuesday: be the first. Today, Tuesday 29th of November 2017, is Giving Tuesday. While this day of international generosity may be less known than its big brother Black Friday, the underlying idea of it is marvelous.

Stressing the importance of solidarity and donations, Giving Tuesday offers businesses, charitable organizations and individuals alike the opportunity of raising money through the internet.

A Herculean Giving Tuesday: be the first. Founded by the Belfer Center for Innovation & Social Impact in 2012, the goal of Giving Tuesday was to incentivize diverse groups of organizations, people and communities from around the world to celebrate and encourage giving. Relying for the most part on the huge impact of social media, the movement has done well and has rapidly grown to the worldwide phenomenon it is today. It’s raised over one million online gifts in more than 70 countries around the world, good for 700 000 people and businesses who’ve donated $116.7 million altogether. The movements’ reflection on said social media has been tremendous, especially on twitter where #GivingTuesday has gotten 114 billion impressions.

According to the creators of this day of giving, one of the best ways to get involved is in your own environment. Since the rise of crowdfunding, it has become even more efficient to donate or participate in the right projects that speak to your heart.

Did you know that we are preparing for our very own crowdfunding initiative? In the past many investors have joined the club and we are now ready to open up to the fans.

In the not so far future, you can own your very own shares and become a true Herculean ambassador, with all the perks that an ambassador deserves. The number of investors will be limited.

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