First 3 Hercules Trophy Antwerp Labours!


First 3 Hercules Trophy Antwerp Labours! After having announced 4 labours for the Herculean Days Mechelen already, we can now finally shed light on the first three labours for the Hercules Trophy Antwerp on Saturday May 20th 2017!

Number 1: Bossaball

Bossaball is a team sport that originated in Spain and was concebossaballptualized by Belgian Filip Eyckmans in 2004. It is similar to volleyball, but also includes elements of football (soccer), gymnastics and capoeira. The inflatable court with integrated trampolines on each side of the net, allowing players to bounce high enough to spike the ball, is spectacular.

The word “bossa“, which is sometimes translated as style, flair or attitude in Brazilian Portuguese, is commonly associated with Bossa Nova, a samba influenced type of Brazilian music. The name Bossaball, therefore, expresses the aim to combine sports, music and positive vibrations.

In fact, music is a major component of a Bossaball show. The person overseeing the game is called the “samba referee” and does not only make calls but also serves as the Master of Ceremonies with the help of a whistle, a microphone, percussion instruments and an exotic DJ set.

Number 2: ElliptiGO

If ElliptiGO doesn’t ring a bell, try imagining running on a bike. Finding your belliptigo-3c_3-1024x683alance, just might be a tad bit difficult, but hey, you’re all Herculeans right? With a little practice, you could even join the Tour de France peloton with ease if you were to be riding the ElliptiGO. There’s no need to fear that this will be just another cycling competition however, because we’ll definitely add a fun twist to it (and well, the ElliptiGO isn’t quite what you’d call an ordinary bike either)!

Number 3: Foot Darts

For the first time ever, we’ve chosen a labour in co-creation wfootdartsith the participants. We hope you like this approach and we might do it even more in the future. Thank you for bringing out your votes! Here are the results of the poll: 72% of the respondents replied YES, against 28% NO’s. Click here to see the results in detail.

It was about Foot Darts, the interesting combination of darts and soccer. We promised you to take your opinion into account. So this means that Foot Darts is now an official Herculean Labour at the Hercules Trophy Antwerp and the Herculean Days Mechelen!