Happiness is found when YOU decide to CREATE it


Happiness is found when YOU decide to CREATE it. Happiness to me means waking up every morning being in love with life, enjoying every single thing I am doing and being surrounded by loved ones. But this is my belief of happiness and maybe not yours. What makes me happy doesn’t make my neighbor happy and what makes my neighbor happy doesn’t make you happy. Happiness is a subjective concept. This means that for every single one of us happiness means something else. The only thing what combines us all is that we have to create our own happiness in life, instead of waiting until happiness comes our way.

To create your happiness you need to know yourself, what makes you smile and what fills your heart with laughter. Even if you found what makes you smile and what fills your heart with laughter, this happiness can only be created and stay if you manage your basics in life. You cannot live in a home where the floor is unstable or the roof is about to fall down. This home has to be stable before you can furniture and decorate it. You have to manage your basics in life to be able to create your life and create your happiness.

Happiness is found when YOU decide to CREATE it. There are four basics you should manage in your life before you can discover and create what makes you happy: Physical ME, Mental ME, Active ME and Manager ME.

Physical ME contains four sub-basics:

  1. Sport: Being active and doing some kind of sport is one of the most essential things in a human’s life. Workout 3 times per week.
  2. Nutrition: If you eat right, you feel right. Make sure that 80% of what you eat in a day is healthy food.
  3. Appearance: If you look good, you feel good. Make an effort in the morning to look good, even if you are not going anywhere.
  4. Support: Being surrounded with people who have the same goals and the same objectives will motivate you and give you strength to continue. Be with those people, learn from them and respect them.

Physical ME makes you feel that you are alive and physically here on this earth feeling and seeing yourself.

Mental ME contains four sub-basics:

  1. Self-knowledge: You have to know your strengths and your weaknesses so you can overcome your weaknesses with your strengths. Get to know yourself and be honest to you.
  2. Fearlessness – Self-confidence: If you concur your fears, your self-confidence will grow. If your fear is not real at the moment, make an action plan for when it happens so you are covered. Face your fears now or have your action plan ready.
  3. Faith: First of all you have to believe in yourself and be your biggest fan. Secondly believe in something, a religion, nature, the universe or something else for that moment if you don’t know where to turn anymore, you can turn to your belief.
  4. Positive Thinking: Think positive always. Change the negative thinking into positive ones no matter what obstacles are thrown at you in life. Believe that everything happens for a better reason.

Mental ME gives you peace of mind, self-confidence, makes you feel relaxed and feel in touch with yourself. Fear will not be part of your life anymore. You will feel in control of your emotions and you will have the confidence, the belief that everything is ok, even if things are changing in your life. You will not fall apart anymore when something goes wrong, because your mental basic is in check. You will get to a stage where you will let things go. You will get a clearer view on what you want and what you want to get rid of in your life.

Active ME contains four sub-basics

  1. Socialize: Human beings are social creatures. Interacting with others lifts us up, provides us with new energy and mental strength. Make time to socialize with your friends, family and partner at least twice a week.
  2. Volunteering work: To help those in need gives us a feeling of fulfillment and gratefulness. Once a week there should be an amount of time delegated in your schedule to do volunteering work.
  3. Shopping: Shopping for yourself is the gift from yourself to yourself to reward yourself and keep you motivated. Shop once a week for yourself.
  4. Little projects: These are those little tasks that you always delay to a next time. Dedicate time in your schedule to do one each week.

Active ME provides you a window to the outside world. You will feel in contact with your friends and family. You will feel fulfilled, as you will give to the less fortunate and take care of yourself. You will feel more confident, as you will explore the handy man in yourself. These four sub-basics will make you get up from your couch and make you go out, do things, explore the world and go on adventures.

Manager ME contains four sub-basics:

  1. Your look: Be yourself by defining your look, how you want others to see you. Decide on your look, how you want others to see you and create it.
  2. Your surroundings: chaos in your surroundings gives chaos in your head. Clean up, clean and decorate your house, your office and any other place where you spend a lot of time to clear your head. Put up the things that make you feel happy, motivate and inspire you.
  3. Budgeting: Budget your money instead of wondering where it went. Figure out how much you need to pay for your fixed costs each month. Decide on a minimum spending regarding your food, beverages, shopping and savings.
  4. Structured Schedule: Structure your life, create a routine and stick to it. Create your schedule for each week.

Manager ME will awake the manager inside of you. You will learn how to manage yourself. You will be in total control of yourself and the chaos in your head will disappear. Being prepared is half of the battle and being in control takes away the daily stress of life. If you are able to manage these four categories, you will experience that total relaxed feeling inside of you.

Happiness is found when YOU decide to CREATE it. Now that you manage your basics in life, you can discover and create your happiness in life. The basics of your house are laid. The roof will not fall down and the floor is stable. You are ready to build up/ create your life as you want it to be and furniture plus decorate it with the things that make you smile and fill your heart with laughter. Create your life as you want it to be to feel happy, instead of living life as it comes to you. Because happiness is creating your life how you want it to be. If you are living the life that you want, you are happy and the door is open to achieve any goal or any dream you have.

Maitha E. Coninx – Life Coach and writer of the book Maitha’s Way Of Life

Maitha’s Way Of Life, a 12-week program to a more Happy, Fulfilled and Colorful Lifestyle.