Hercules Trophy Belgium headed towards epic proportions


Hercules Trophy Belgium headed towards epic proportions. With the start of the new year, it’s about time for an update on how things are going for the Hercules Trophy editions of Mechelen and Antwerpen 2017. This time, we’ve been very fast in announcing (some of) our labours. Companies too, are now registering faster than ever. Don’t worry: there are still spots left for you too if you haven’t registered yet! Below, you’ll find an overview of all mentioned topics, as well as -not unimportantly- a non-exhaustive summary of who’s taken up the challenge.


We’ve already announced four labours for Hercules Trophy Mechelen 2017. Some are completely new, others are all time Herculean classics. Here they are: Bugxters and Bossaball, ElliptiGO and FootDarts. Many more to come in the next months!

For the Hercules Trophy Antwerp 2017 edition, we’ve already been able to confirm three labours. You’ll find them here.

Visitor activities

This year, after listening closely to our customers’ feedback, we’ve decided to organize more activities in Mechelen exclusively for visitors. While you’re giving everything you’ve got during the 12 labours, your supporters too deserve great activities to engage in. We truly want to offer everyone something they love doing. Still many more to be officially announced, but the first ones can be found here.

Hercules Trophy Belgium headed towards epic proportions. That’s why the event has been renamed to the Herculean Days, a much broader concept that transcends the Hercules Trophy. “There’s a Herculean in all of us” is the main theme -and now more than ever.

We now offer private company zones too, which are ideal for your annual family day, company event or customer incentive.

Registered companies

Already, over 300 teams are registered and Saturday June 24th is almost completely sold out. We’re glad to see true Herculeans return, like BNP Paribas Fortis, Ordina, BPost Bank, Amplexor, BASF, CEPA, Dimension Data, Ferranti Computer Systems, Galápagos, Lantmannen Unibake, Telenet, Wolters Kluwer and many, many more.

Some will participate for the very first time. Medialaan, Van Saet Security, BMW Smets Lier, Stanton Chase Executive Search Belgium, Stabilogics, Vastgoed De Vos Pajottenland, Samurai at Work, Planet Talent, Lansweeper, Easy Life DC and 2Commit are a few examples. Their chances are not to be underestimated: last year’s newcomer A-Knowledge even took home first prize!

We’re thrilled to see that year after year, an incredible amount of companies keep investing in the strength and wellbeing of their teams. We hope to see you too!