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New website launched


New website launched. Just when you thought we couldn’t bring anything new, we thought we might launch our brand new We hope you like it! Should you find any hick-up, kindly let us know on and it will bring you lots of good karma.

Why is a new website big news? Because it demonstrates what our tagline is about. Herculean is “the Sportainment and Corporate Wellbeing PLATFORM”. Platform, indeed, like in technology.

New website launched. Until now, a lot of people still don’t realise that we run a platform. They think we organise amazing B2B festivals, that we run active company days, teambuilding and family days or that we help companies improve corporate wellbeing through holistic programs and that we’re an international franchise. YES, we are all of that, BUT we are also a tech company and that’s where a lot of the business value resides.

Since 1999, we developed a MATURE (Maintainable-Adaptable-Userfriendly-Reliable-Efficient) backbone, based on Microsoft technology. Some of us have a background in IT. I myself used to be an IT architect, CIO, Business Manager and, later, CEO in the tech industry. And a huge fan of Microsoft, winning the award of “CIO of the year”, the youngest ever in 1999.

What you see as a Hercules participant is just the top of the iceberg. In the past years, we focused on “function over form“, which led to tools behind the scenes to manage our events from the crm to the organisation and fan management. Technology is a driver for our business, not just an enabler. But the form became a little bit too old fashioned and that’s why we changed it.

It’s the platform that is unseen in the sports management market. It’s the reason why partners over the world are signing up. Not only do they get a great brand with amazing products for the B2B market. But the platform helps them, so they don’t make the mistakes we already made and can focus on growing in the market.


What’s new on It is

  • sexy and simple in use
  • mobile
  • more secure
  • easier to share

Why is this interesting for Herculean partners?

  • It offers more content marketing features
  • We can “skin” it – like we did with – so we can rebrand it to the needs of any specific customer
  • It’s multi-language, although we launch in English first

Is that it? Of course not. This is just the beginning. So… watch this space.