UAE: Herculean Labour 7 & 8!


UAE: Herculean Labour 7 & 8! Time to announce the next Herculean challenges in Dubai and Abu Dhabi!

Here we go:

Fat Bikes Fiasco, powered by Spirit of Adventure! Take on the desert sand course with a difference. Follow the figure of 8 course and negotiate a sea saw, a ramp, go under a Limbo pole and pick up and carry a mystery object.

Abami 2020 Quadrathlon! A combination of different skills. The 2020 Quadrathlon consists of 4 different challenges: Dominoes, Tire Travel, Human Knot and the 20/20 Challenge.

The previous challenges can be found here: labour 1 & 2labour 3 & 4 and labour 5 & 6.

The Daman Hercules Trophy is organized in Dubai on 20 April (Mushrif Park) and Abu Dhabi on 22 April (Zayed Sports City). To register your teams, go to!