Become a true Ambassador

Become a true Ambassador


Become a true Ambassador. We are proud to announce that as of today, for the next 30 days, we open the Herculean cooperative company to new investors. You could be one of them and you are not alone.

Together with banks and co-investors we are raising up to 1,5mil EUR to scale-up the Herculean business all over the world.


We are deeply humbled that during the private launch of the past weeks almost 500K was already raised and banks have confirmed for another 500K. 

So now it’s a great time for YOU to join. Why?

  • Because you believe in the Herculean business
  • Because you can invest from 100 EUR already
  • Because you will become a Herculean ambassadors and will receive advantages (you will be invited as a VIP for the Herculean Days, which is already worth 175 EUR)
  • Because the whole process is driven by professionals
  • Because you are not alone
  • Because you want to show the world that cooperative entities are the new normal
  • Because we are a scale-up with a proven track-record since 1999, not a start-up

How Become a true Ambassador?

Just click on, read the investment profile and invest online. A very limited private crowd has already invested 20K in the past days. They were invited to two private investment events, and they loved the story.

Did you already invest?

Good Karma is coming your way and you will start receiving privileged information about our business. Feel free to spread the vibe to all your friends by sharing our message online.