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Operations: Sanne Augusteyns


Operations: Sanne Augusteyns. We would like to welcome our new Operations manager: Sanne Augusteyns!

This 31 year old isn’t new in the sports and event world. We are very pleased that Sanne’s trail runs through Herculean, shaping our future together with us.

When Sanne completed his Bachelor in Physical Education, he organised his own running event: “Decathlon Duorun”, that he recently transferred to his co-partner. He further expanded his interest and knowledge in sports and events in the Sport Management program at the University of Brussels (Vrije Universiteit Brussel). Soon after, that he started working as a sports promotor at Jeugdsport Antwerpen, “Jespo“, where he organized events and the weekly low-threshold sportingoffer for 2,500 children for 3 years.

His move to Golazo Sports was a logical step to further tighten his event management skills. During his 5-year career at Golazo he had gathered a nice list of events on his account: Urban Trails, Color Runs, Night Runs, Zesdaagse van Gent, Azencross Loenhout,…

In addition to his busy agenda, Sanne founded the Ringland Festival. With over 15,000 visitors it gave the Ringland project a firm boost. This did not pass unnoticed. 6 months ago he started as a freelance marketing manager for an ambitious Dakar 2019 project.

This young Operations manager approaches each project with a 360° vision. He ensures that his results are always successful. He has certainly kept this characteristic from participating in the GoreTex Transalpine Run, a 240km run through the Alps, which he completed with his father. He looks at sports and movement as a must for everyone and as a tool to get the best out of yourself and the people surrounding you.

The Herculean feeling has been in his blood for a long time and he is very much looking forward to putting Herculean on the map. Welcome, Sanne!