Hercules Trophy Antwerp: thank you


Hercules Trophy Antwerp: thank you. On Saturday, May 20th, the second edition of the Hercules Trophy Antwerp took place. Place to be: Park Spoor Noord. The weather was good for us: Despite a little rain here and there, it was a sunny day. What did the Hercules Trophy look like? The classic recipe of teamwork, networking, delicious food and drinks and of course a great after-party!

Hercules’ 12 Works consisted of 12 unique challenges, with a sense of humor, excitement and unpredictability – ranging from a boxing initiative to bossaball and even poledancing.


Of course, the Hercules Trophy is not only a corporate festival but also a competition. In addition, these winners came out of the bus: Gasolina!

The Wall of Fame:

The full ranking can be found here. Even if you were not with the winners, you will always stay a Herculean. Hercules Trophy Antwerp: thank you!

The weekend of 23-25 June, the Herculean Days in Mechelen take place. Not yet registered? It can be done via the links below:

Friday June 23rd | Saturday June 24th | Sunday June 25th