Breast Cancer fundraiser with Pink Ladies Games Dubai


Breast Cancer fundraiser with Pink Ladies Games Dubai. Oh yes, we are strong, independent women. But we also like to have fun, we’re in for some action and we want to connect with other ladies. And of course, we care. And we care about a lot of things.

That’s why we came up with the Pink Ladies Games in Dubai. A morning feel-good programme for ladies only. Based upon the Ladies Games concept in Europe, but with a special touch. We’re raising funds for Pink Caravan, the breast cancer awareness initiative in UAE by Friends of Cancer Patients.

There are so many different nationalities in the UAE and they live together peacefully and respectfully. But how can they really connect? By using the universal language of sports and by uniting around a theme that affects us all: Breast Cancer. In 2016, we launched the first edition of the Pink Ladies Games. And I think that everybody who attended our first event will agree with me when I say that there was a very special vibe at the event. We were active (some of us more than others), we danced, we laughed, but we also cried. And we all went home feeling very united and empowered.

Breast Cancer fundraiser with Pink Ladies Games Dubai. Our team can’t wait until the next edition on 27th October, at Sheraton Beach Resort in Dubai. A team of 5 only costs AED825 or USD225, of which AED150 goes directly to Pink Caravan. We’re organising the Pink Ladies Games with the support of a lot of great partners, like Sport360, Dubai 92, FitnessFirst, What’s On, Women SME, Quest for Adventure, Sheraton and Tips&Toes. If you’re currently in Dubai, then you might hear our radio competition, read about us in Women’s Health or find us in Dubai Calendar. I really hope that a lot of ladies will join us again and help us spread the word of empowerment and care.

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