Hercules Trophy now launches Economy rates


Hercules Trophy now launches Economy rates. Hercules Trophy, the world’s coolest teambuilding festival, is no longer a privilege for large companies who have set aside a considerable budget for teambuilding.

In the past few years, we noticed a steep increase in information requests on the Hercules Trophy from companies and organisations with smaller budgets. They too it seems, would like to participate in the teambuilding festival.

Hercules Trophy now launches Economy rates. As our mission states clearly that engagement in the office should be both feasible and affordable at the same time, we now gladly comply to these lower budget wishes thanks to our Economy Formula.

This implies that non-profit associations, clubs, associations, schools, health facilities and companies with smaller budgets altogether, can now also be submerged in the unique Herculean vibe!

Register today for Belgium:

Other countries will follow soon.

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