The first Herculean Thanksgiving


The first Herculean Thanksgiving. Herculean celebrated Thanksgiving with a limited group of ambassadors coming from very diverse groups: our team, crowdfunders, crew, partners, advisors, fans, investors

The aim of the evening was to thank our Belgian stakeholders, to connect them with each other and to experiment if and how we could engage them in our vision for the future.

The first two goals were rather straightforward for us to achieve, because energizing people is what we do for a living and the group was very grateful for being there.

Engaging the ambassadors in our future vision was less trivial task, we thought. We shared our vision, our successes and our challenges openly and asked everyone for their ideas and support. We were astonished to see that so many ambassadors came up with great proposals!

We are grateful that this Thanksgiving marks another milestone in our existence. Herculean is a cooperative entity that aims to engage people through energizing formats like Hercules Trophy, Hercules Projects, Hercules Academy and Pink Ladies Games. The founders believe in the force of stakeholders being united in a legal structure. This year, the first 200 fans joined our main investors through equity crowdfunding with the help of MyMycroInvest and we won the Best Crowdfunding of the Year.

This Thanksgiving has proven that our stakeholders are there to help us. We will create a Herculean Ambassadors Club to connect them and give them a voice.

Now let’s start planning for the next edition.

PS: huge shout-out to DJAR who provided a healthy and delicious Thanksgiving djar for all the ambassadors!