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Hercules Projects to launch own website


Hercules Projects to launch own website. It has been going on for a while, but we have kept it under the radar: Herculean also develops and organises bespoke active events via Hercules Projects. We combine our knowledge from Hercules Trophy and Hercules Academy to come to a unique concept.

With only a few weeks to go before the new year, we thought that it was about time to do some marketing about this not-so-new business unit and launch a separate website and Facebook page.

Hercules Projects helps you create more engagement in your organisation through the power of gamification, wellbeing and sportainment.

4 different generations of employees are working together in businesses. Moreover, business is becoming increasingly multicultural. This diversity brings about a lot of dynamism within the organization. But it’s not always easy for executives to align everyone.This is where our strength lies. Hercules Projects adds ACTION EMOTION and FUN to your event and creates AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCES. Whether you are organizing your next staff event, planning a sporty team building day or finding a memorable way to activate your brand: Hercules Projects brings all participants in an unsurpassed atmosphere of togetherness, no matter what their background may be. Thanks to the specific Herculean DNA we succeed in ACTIVATINGINSPIRING and ENGAGING your audience, connecting all layers, for the benefit of your brand.

What can we help you with:

In a nutshell: we are experienced advisers of organizations when it comes to teamwork, corporate values, corporate identity and mobilizing their community. We understand what it takes to create positive vibes and can rely on 20 years of experience in Hercules Trophy and Hercules Academy. We combine IT, HR, sports management and corporate wellbeing expertise to revolutionize the team building industry.

More and more businesses are looking for authentic experiences with lasting effects. Our Herculeans fully comprehend the power of a motivated workforce. And last but not least: our platform enables us to quickly integrate with your communication tools and reduces your paperwork to almost nothing.