What if you could make your sleep more efficient?


What if you could make your sleep more efficient? Getting a good night’s sleep is key to your health, that much we all know. But just how important is it? And is all sleep the same? Sleep scientist Dan Gartenberg sheds light on the subject in an intriguing TED Talk.

His opening statement says it all. We’ve been neglecting our natural sleep cycle for the past few decades and only now do we start to get the full grasp of the consequences of that. “Because while the lightbulb and technology have brought about a world of 24-hour work and productivity, it has come at the cost of our naturally occuring circadian rythm and our body’s need for sleep. […] and only recently we’ve been conducting a global experiment on this rhythm, which is putting our global sleep health and ultimately our life quality in jeopardy. Because of this, we aren’t getting the sleep we need, with the average American sleeping an hour less than they did in the 1940’s. For some reason we decided to wear it as a badge of honor that we can get by on not enough sleep. This all adds up to a real health crisis.

Nowadays it’s common knowledge that sleep deprivation is linked to all

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kinds of diseases. Ranging from Alzheimer’s, to cardiovascular disease, stroke and diabetes. But as Professor Gartenberg aptly points out, it is also detrimental

to our mental health. Not only does it make us make more risky decisions, it’s also drains our capacity for empathy. At the same time, sleep deprivation makes us more sensitive to our own pain.

What if you could make your sleep more efficient? Not all sleep is the same however and missing out on light sleep as well as Rapid Eye Movent (REM or the dream state) is less problematic -though certainly not good for you. Missing out on deep sleep is your worst case scenario. It’ll inhibit your learning abilities and prevent the cells in your body to recover properly.

Scientists are just now beginning to understand that not only the quantitiy but also the quality of our sleep impacts our general health and wellbeing.” We couldn’t agree more. In fact, our coaches at the Hercules Academy have created the Sleep Baby Sleep sessions, in which we give tips and tricks derived from the sports world -more specifically Olympic athletes. Through practical exercises we enhance and optimize sleeping pattern.

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