Final labours for Antwerp 2018


Final labours for Antwerp 2018. Today we announce the final 6 challenges for the Hercules Trophy in Antwerp 2018!

  1. Flip It
  2. Eliminator
  3. F1 Tyre Change
  4. Giant Table Soccer
  5. Brain Labour
  6. CEO Pétanque

Flip It


An absolute Herculean Classic, no need to explain it to our veterans. If you missed it: this Labour requires a lot of teamwork. The concept is quite simple: it just consists of an inflatable hollow cubical. Together with your team you are standing inside the cubical and you try to flip it around as much as possible.

Don’t get it wrong: pure strength doesn’t make the cubical flip around a lot. The key to success is teamwork and communication, this will lead you to the Herculean record of ‘flipping’. If you have great ambition: the current record is over 100 flips… We wonder if your team can do better. Good luck!


Hercules TrophyIt actually comes down to one important decision: jump or duck. It’s a decision you have to make in a split second in order to avoid getting thrown off the platform.

And -take a guess- the purpose is to stay on it as long as possible. Expect a challenge that will test your body and your mind!

F1 Tyre Change

Nextel NFORCE ChallengeUndoubtedly, the favourite of motorsport fans: the F1 Tyre Change. Being handy gives you an edge, but if your team is quick, precise and coordinated, you change all the tyres in no time!

And you might have guessed it: especially the last mentioned skill is the most important.

Giant Table Soccer

Hubo Hercules BL 2016 (168)

Incredibly fun and always super exciting: Giant Table Soccer. It’s not very different from classic table soccer, except that the pitch is a bit out of proportion.

It makes it a 4 versus 4 game and that makes it a lot more intense. Especially when a group of supporters gives their best!

Brain Labour

brainlabouAn essential for every Hercules Trophy. There are 2 qualities you need for this labour to get a good result: insight and a problem solving mind. The best team will be awarded as “Smartest Team”. How? Giving the most correct answers in the shortest amount of time. Maybe you should consider adding  the nerd at the office to your team after all?

CEO Pétanque

Great Pics UAE (54)The unofficial world championship CEO Pétanque can’t be left out this year. Managers or CEO’s collect points for their teams while networking. Don’t forget to register them in time! No experience needed. What is required, is a Herculean spirit and mindset. By the way, the winner collects additional points for all participating teams of the company!

Final labours for Antwerp 2018. Missed the previous Labours? Here you can find an overview: