Engagement top priority at Microsoft Inspire


Engagement top priority at Microsoft Inspire. A few weeks ago I visited Microsoft Inspire, the place to be for all Microsoft partners worldwide.

What’s Herculean doing there? First and foremost, let me spill the beans on one of Herculean’s best kept secrets: we’re a Microsoft ISV, an independent software vendor.

Since 1999 – when we started Hercules Trophy – we have developed a state-of-the-art online platform on Microsoft technology. The reason behind it being my natural need for efficiency and my own extensive IT background. By giving our customers an online platform, we increase engagement months before the event -without increasing our overheads. That is still something you won’t find in the majority of events!

The platform enabled us to organise many small workshops and large events with a very small core team. Scalability, as they call it. It even became the core of our international roll-out strategy and improved the predictability of quality. Without realising it, our very own platform became a complete engagement platform for all companies. It can be skinned to match an enterprise’s Corporate Identity and company specific goals can (or rather: should) be added to organise and measure all engaging events and actions within a company.

Engagement top priority at Microsoft Inspire. But let’s talk about Microsoft. The speech of Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, blew me away. He stated that in the age of digital disruption, PEOPLE ENGAGEMENT is the number one priority.

Very surprising to get this kind of message from a Tech Giant!

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Engagement is Herculean’s number one priority

More and more companies are starting to realise that engagement is so much more than launching a program that has to get everybody moving. 10 to 20% of your coworkers is already sporty and while it’s very noble to try and inspire the others to do sports (we applaud that of course), let’s be honest: it really won’t work for everyone. Does that mean that those people can’t be engaged?? We believe in the power of diversity, so please, let’s not all be sporty!

The key to engagement is: TIME.

Indeed, to create and drive a complete engagement program, with the right mix of activities, we saw that tons of time is lost in communication and organization. It’s the number one reason why engagement programs don’t succeed. They start from a high-energy social committee within the company that tries to engage people through emails, calendar invites, Excels and all sorts of tools…until the internal organisers finally get demotivated by the administrative burden.

That’s where the Herculean platform comes in: it saves you time when running an engagement program. You can focus on what really matters: figuring out the perfect mix of activities and content, integrated with your strategy, CSR and corporate values. Even there, we can help you with good ideas and organization.

I’ve worked in large companies for many years myself and I know how challenging it is to create a strong culture. Through the Herculean engagement platform we can help to make the process easier. How? By combining wellbeing with CSR and it’s integrated with Microsoft’s productivity tools. Learn more here.