20 years of Hercules Trophy – a weekend of celebrations


20 years of Hercules Trophy – a weekend of celebrations. Hercules Trophy was founded in 1999, which means that we have a special anniversary in 2019. In our opinion, the perfect excuse for a party during the first summer weekend of 2019.

People sometimes say: “It takes 20 years to build an overnight success”. We will spare you the pictures of 20 years ago for now……In 20 years’ time we evolved by trial and error from a “Sports Day at the squash club with a notorious after-party”, to a hobby that got a bit out of control turning into a professional organisation. In 2012, we started the international Herculean holding, which allowed us to offer a total employee engagement story to our customers, with Hercules Projects, Hercules Academy, the Herculean online platform and the Pink Ladies Games. Last year, we even won the Best Crowdfunding of the Year.

What do we have to do to make it an unforgettable edition for such a diverse community? We divide the party weekend of the 21st of June into 3 themes, in order to give something to all the fans. The concept (12 operations – teams of 5-7 – networking-party) remains the backbone of every Trophy day, but there’s an extra flavour added to every day. This will allow you to select the day that suits your needs the most.

Friday 21st of June – Legends edition  

This Friday edition keeps growing for companies that want to combine team building and networking on a weekday. It is indeed best of both worlds, as they can party on Friday evening and take a rest or enjoy family time during the weekend.

Friday is dedicated to “The Legends” and to catch up on memories. Everyone who played a vital role during the 20 years of existence will be invited and enjoy the party. The perfect moment to thank the community and celebrate an old school Hercules party.   


Saturday 22nd of june – festival edition 

It’s traditionally the biggest edition. Ideal for teams who want to go to the after-party and show their brand. Resident DJ’s Tom and Carlito are joining us and they may even bring some other fun DJ’s…. (to be continued).


Sunday 23rd of june – family edition 

More and more companies combine their family day/staff party with a participation in the Hercules Trophy. On popular demand we are again building the complete Kids Village with a lot of attractions and are again focusing more on entertainment for the youngest. Who knows, maybe even with a Kids band…

20 years of Hercules Trophy – a weekend of celebrations. Register for the following dates at the early bird rates: