Cookies and Cream at Hercules Trophy!

Cookies and Cream at Hercules Trophy!


Cookies and Cream at Hercules Trophy! The first headliner has been announced. We promised you that it was going to be legendary! Because who else fits better with the Herculean vibe than Cookies and Cream?

Cookies and Cream at Hercules Trophy! For years we’ve been hearing from our fans that we should invite Cookies and Cream. It’s true, these guys are amazing! Well, it turned out that after having performed at festivals like Tomorrowland, Gentse Feesten and Laundry Day, Cookies and Cream were still dreaming of performing at the Hercules Trophy.
And it’s about to be that time: On June 21st around 10 PM they will take the stage to go completely crazy together with the Herculeans! So, you better don’t plan anything else the next day…

How can you join us?

  • By booking one or more teams right here. Teams can also bring supporters if your boss is willing to pay for it ?
  • What if your boss isn’t’ willing to do so or if you found no team? Don’t panic. Soon we’ll be announcing the very first “Hercules After-work” experience. You’ll be able to come and party with us after finishing your work on the 21st of June (and yes that will be the longest night of the year)! So, watch this space and book your ticket now on

Will there be any more announcements?

If you’d really be thinking that we would stop right here… then think again. Very soon we will announce another absolute stunner. And this time for Saturday! And we’ve only just got started. Subscribing is the message!